LSJ Feature: "Vases show turn in work of potter Gail Kendall"

LSJ Feature: "Vases show turn in work of potter Gail Kendall"

Sunday, October 15, 2017

"I did a double take when I walked into “Lotus & Seed,” Gail Kendall’s LUX Center for the Arts show of her recent ceramics.

 Sitting on pedestals in the center of the gallery were four vases, their surfaces largely undecorated, each filled with grass.

Those vases, exquisitely crafted and beautiful as they are, are a striking departure from what is expected from Kendall — highly decorated, functional pottery, that is, cups and platters with colored surfaces adorned with flowers, leaves, dots and lines.


Then a further look around the room, smartly curated by gallery director Susan Wood, revealed the more traditional work.

The platters and olive dishes hang in groups on the walls where, flying in the face of their function, they work as decorative objects. Teapots, a covered dish and a covered jar sit in a row in front of the gallery window.

That presentation of the decorated pieces frames the vases, emphasizing their presence and the fresh turn in Kendall’s work..."

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