LUX Community Art Alley

LUX Community Art Alley

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Exciting Announcement!

The LUX Community Art Alley has been transformed into a paintable coloring book by our Artists-in-Residence! We are inviting the community to come add color to our artists’ designs and/or contribute your own. Disposable paint supplies are provided, but feel free to bring your own



A few guidelines:

  • Please keep all content family friendly and positive.
  • Only use paint, wheat paste does not stick well to our walls.
  • Please dispose of used items and clean up once you're done.
  • Respect our neighbors and please paint inside the art alley only. (Note: you may paint over existing designs and people may paint over yours; the walls are constantly evolving.)
  • Please be aware of social distancing and maintain proper space.



We hope this provides an exciting moment of creative relief and a way to make something beautiful together while we're apart. Share a photo and tag us with your colorful contributions!


The LUX Community Art Alley has been a place for community members to contribute original murals and works of art – collectively creating a colorful and inspiring alleyway people can utilize as a blank canvas, a source of inspiration during a walk through our neighborhood, or even as a backdrop for a photoshoot. It continually reminds us that art + creative expression connects us and can foster something beautiful when we do it together.

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