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Brynne Moore

Crawl Cup

Crawl Cup

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Crawl Cup, 2023
Porcelain, glaze
4 x 4 x 3.25 inches

Artist Bio:
Brynne is a recent graduate from the University of Arkansas, where she received her BFA in Ceramics and BA in Art History. She has participated in multiple exhibitions in Northwest Arkansas and alongside the annual NCECA conference. She is a functional potter and is primarily concerned with how pottery can serve as a form of introspection and thoughtfulness.

Artist Statement:
Engrossed with the idea that pottery can form intimate and multilayered connections, I create utilitarian objects that are a reflection and extension of myself. My process for making vessels primarily involves throwing with few controlled alterations afterward. My main interest is forms that evoke the familiarity of the human figure through its delicate curvature, with little surface decoration added to prevent distraction.
I approach the act of making as a form of introspection for myself, recognizing that the precision I desire in my work is rooted in a place of anxiety. The orderliness and calmness I investigate through my work reflect an intense desire to achieve this state in my existence. When I add glazes and slip to my work, my own constant need to move my hands is reflected. Different textures allow one’s fingers to venture over the surface, calming a restless mind. With pottery being embedded into our daily lives, quiet pieces can inspire contemplation and thoughtfulness, both for the maker during creation and the viewer during continued usage. This is why I strive for calmness in my work.

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